Pet Nutritionist

Are you looking for a qualified pet nutritionist to help you with your pets diet?

Did you know that feeding your pet the right food you can extend their life by at least 2 years? If you’re looking for this and to help your pet have optimum health during their whole life then you’re in the right place!

There would be 3 reasons you’re reading this page right now:

1) It would be because your cat, dog, fish, lizard etc are acting out of character or poorly and you’re looking for a cure

2) You’ve heard something bad about a kibble brand that needs clarification

3) You’re just curious to know

Whichever the number we are here to help you and your pet – we offer a range of services and appointments to suit your needs – Whether it’s for raw feeding advice, a health problem your pet is experiencing, whether they are overweight or if the kibble you are feeding is good for them.

We offer an online, emailing consultation appointment of just £15 and a face to face hour appointment for just £30.