Dog Food Brands and why we are picky

We walk through the door with this little soft bundle of fluff, its tail wagging excitedly as we greet our new family member into our home, yes we have bought a puppy.

Before we have arrived at this point we have carefully selected a comfortable basket, all different types of dog food brands and water bowls. Bought the best collar and leash and made sure that we have read up on the right age for jabs and worming etc…we have spent a long time deciding whether we are making the right decision about taking on a pet as demanding as a dog, but we feel that we are ready and we have the  love and compassion that is needed.

Despite this similar story being replayed over and over again throughout households across the world, we forget one very important point, what is the best food to feed our beloved pooch? Time and again we see owners lovingly offering up a bowl of dried and tasteless dog food. They try to buy the best they can get for their lovely fury best friend but despite this owners are still getting it wrong.

It is okay to think dry dog food brands are good for your pooch but the horror behind them means they are the worst to feed your dog.

dog food brandsIt really isn’t any surprise that owners get it so wrong either. The dog food industry is very clever at making us all feel that their dried mix is full of all the essential vitamins and nutrients that dogs need. Words like shinier coats and healthier teeth are spread across the boxes. With complex medical information about what your dogs needs for strong bones, healthy glossy fur and so on. So we could be forgiven for thinking that we are offering up a bowl of delicious and healthy food for our precious pooch.

Sadly the truth is that, whatever the claims are on the box or packet of the dry dog food brands you pick up, the healthier option is actually to cook your beloved pet a meal fit for yourself. There are exceptions though, there are certain foods that dogs can not have as they can be harmful to their health.

  • Chocolate – can cause intoxication in dogs. Can cause extreme thirst, stomach pain and muscle tremors.
  • Grapes and raisins – these can cause severe kidney failure in dogs which in extreme cases can be fatal
  • Onions  – in large quantities can actually cause damage to a dogs red blood cells and should be avoided
  • Mould – mould on food can be extremely harmful to dogs if ingested. Some forms of mould are more harmful than others, to be on the safe side, ensure all mouldy food is disposed of.

These are just a few food stuffs that are common place in our homes and that many pet owners will feed to their pets without the realisation that they are in fact endangering their pet.

Foods that are safe to give your dog are fresh fish such as salmon, mackerel, cod and others. Meat such as steak, pork (cooked well) and chicken (not chicken bones as these will splinter and damage your dogs digestive system). Rice, pasta and a little bread. Vegetables such as broccoli and carrots.

If you are looking to give your pooch the best food you can offer, take a little time to research the many different dog food brands out there. Your dog will love you even more for it I can guarantee!

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