Understanding Dog Aggression

My dog is aggressive, what should I do?

At least 1 in 50 people will have some sort of problem with their dogs and dog aggression and one thing you need to know is almost all behavioural problems with dogs is curable, although some may have to enlist the professionalism of a behaviourist.

This article is to help guide you and inform you of why the problem can start and ways to prevent it.

I can not take my dog anywhere!

Dog aggression can be a major setback when it comes time to go for walks, or taking your dog anywhere in public or where other dogs frequent, like the park. Therefore, this article will look at some of the reasons behind dog aggression, what can be done to cure this problem, and also we will be looking at the importance of using a dog walker, or pet sitter early on in your pets life.

One of the first things to know about teaching a dog how to behave is to start training early. For instance, if you buy a puppy, enrol him in a training school as soon as possible. This not only allows them to socialise with other dogs and humans, it gets them used to those type of surroundings, so that they won’t become aggressive later on down the line.

Of course, things aren’t always that simple, and some owners adopt a pet, or get a new dog from a friend that is older, or maybe even come from an abused household.

Dog with teeth showing - a classic sign of aggression

Dog with teeth showing – a classic sign of dog aggression

Dog Aggression Explained…

Some situations where you have acquired a pet that is aggressive towards other dogs can still be trained not to be aggressive but it may require a professional to help you out here. Another reason for a dog being aggressive, especially if you have a dog that has been non aggressive and has suddenly turned aggressive, is that there may be a medical reason.

Keep in mind, that dogs tend to hide pain by becoming aggressive, as they don’t want ‘enemies’ thinking they are vulnerable, so the dog will take an aggressive attitude when near other animals or humans.

The first thing with an aggressive dog is to take him to your vet, where he can be thoroughly checked out, to make sure there isn’t an underlying condition causing his aggressive behaviour.

What next?

Once you’ve established that it isn’t medical, and that your dog is not just automatically aggressive, you can start using a muzzle to prevent them from injuring other animals or humans while out and about. Having said that, a muzzle should really be temporary until you can find a good animal behaviourist, and get to the root of the problem, and this can be sorted quite quickly.

Other dogs can start off nice and friendly, but turn more aggressive as they get older, usually in their teens, or puberty. This can happen anywhere between six months and two years, depending on the breed.

One way to curb this aggression is to get him neutered (castrated), and although initially this sounds cruel to some, the benefits are many, including less aggression. Other benefits of neutering a dog is that they tend not to roam, especially when there are females around, due to the fact they will not sense or respond to the pheromones given off by the female.

Another behavioural trait benefit of getting your dog neutered is he will have an increase in concentration, so you will be able to train him more effectively. In addition, if he’s a working breed, they will then be able to work without the added distraction.

There are also medical reasons for getting a dog neutered, one being no testicular tumours, also they will have fewer hernias or perianal tumours and much fewer prostate problems. Neutering also prevents unwanted pets, or abandoned pets due to your dog getting out during mating season, and sowing his oats on a neighbours dog or even a stray.

The Importance Of Using A Pet Sitter

Pet sitters and dog walkers are becoming increasingly popular now, mainly due to many people having to work long hours, or frequently making business trips.

Pet sitting is actually someone who takes care of your pet while you are away for long hours, they may feed your pet, make sure they have enough water and incorporate some play time, or even walk your dog, when you can not be there to do it for them.

Pet sitters, and dog walkers are a much better choice too, if you’re going away on vacation or a business trip, compared to a boarding kennel.

Dog in field

When using a boarding kennel while on holiday, you run the risk of your pet being around many other pets, which may have disease or contagious conditions and bark continuously which is very distressing for your pet.

They run the risk of catching kennel cough, fleas, ticks and more so many are not even taking the chance with boarding kennels, but rather opt to go for a pet sitter.

What benefits would my dog get from using a Pet Carer?

Moreover, taking your dog to a kennel can stress him out, especially with a quiet dog being left with many louder, even aggressive dogs, which can make him quite sick through the stress and anxiety involved.

With that said, having a pet sitter come into your home instead to care for your pet, can greatly reduce stress and anxiety in a dog, as he will be fed, watered and very well looked after in the comfort of his own home.

Also there are other benefits of having a pet sitter come to your house, like pulling blinds at night and turning on lights, or getting the mail, which shows there is someone at home, preventing burglaries and such.

Pet sitters, and dog walkers are usually pet owners themselves, and know exactly what a dog’s needs are, and can offer that tender loving care that the owners show to their pet.

Friends as Pet Sitters.. Why not to do it!

Some people often ask a friend, or relative to check on their pet while they are away. However, this doesn’t always go according to plan, and at times can be very difficult to find someone whom the pet owner can trust.

People and friends can forget, get more important things to do, or something may come up, whereas a pet sitter will always be there on time, and follow your tasks to the letter.

Moreover, a pet sitter will be qualified, insured and trusted, and can handle any emergency when it comes to your pet, and they can generally spot when something is amiss in Fido’s behaviour, could a friend or relative do that?

Why is it a good reason to use a Pet Carer?

There are so many good reasons for using a pet sitter, and not just for your dog, for you too, like knowing there is someone you can totally trust with your dog.

Having the confidence that your pet sitter can deal with any situation while you are away, and knowing that there is someone going in, and out of your residence at different times of the day can put your mind at ease knowing that your home is more secure than if you just left your dog on his own.

A pet sitter can also help manage medicines if your dog is sick, or needs regular treatment for an ongoing condition or illness.


A pet sitter eliminates many problems that putting your dog in a boarding kennel has, and it also eliminates stress caused by traveling, and trying to live in a totally different surrounding for a week or more.

Boarding kennels are usually just money orientated, and your Fido could be next to, or even in the same cage as a couple of rough house playmates, leading to him being more aggressive or totally paranoid by the time you get him home. If you have to go away for whatever reason, you still want the best for your best friend.

Moreover, not only will he be glad to see you, you too will be very pleased at seeing just how well he was taken care of while you had been away. Finally, pet sitters do come highly recommended, especially for those who are trying to ensure that their pet’s don’t develop aggression issues that too often a boarding, or kennel situation could cause them.

Not to mention, how they can easily help you as well become stress free too, in knowing you got a trusted professional to care for them as if they were their own. Using a professional pet sitter means that you can enjoy that vacation or business trip and your dog will enjoy his stay at home vacation.

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