Pets in the UK and why they need care just like we do!

It is said that we in Britain are a nation of animal lovers. Not only are we proud of our natural heritage and wildlife, we are also keen pet lovers. It is thought that around 50% of British homes own a pet. There are approximately 7.3 million dogs and 7.2 million cats.
With so many UK households owning some type of pet, whether that be a dog, cat, budgerigar or gold fish there are sadly (despite the reputation that we love our fury friends) many people who are not averse to animal cruelty. Time and time again we see emaciated dogs, cats crawling with fleas and mange and even pets that have been abandoned by those who are supposed to love them.

Healthcare within your pets

If you own a pet you should be aware of the importance of keeping up to date with their immunisations, health checks and ensuring they have the best diet you can provide. Up to date flee treatments and worming are important for your pet, especially if you have children in the household. Having a dog or cat can be an expensive experience. They can of course become ill just as we can, but often owners find they cannot meet the high cost of veterinary treatments.

We see many animals suffering unnecessarily with health complaints because the owner cannot afford the treatment.
A great way to combat the high price of vet bills is to pay for a healthcare plan for your pet. Paid monthly, you can spread the cost of any possible treatment that may arise. Of course if you have any doubt that you can meet the costs of healthcare for your pet, you should seriously consider whether it is the right choice for you to have one in the first place. Many people like the idea of owning a kitten or puppy but quickly become aware of the commitment involved and will take any means available to get rid of them. Sometimes this means finding pets left for dead or abandoned with pet charities.

Kennels or cattery?

A trend that is becoming more frequent in the UK is the use of home boarding for their fury friends. The advantages of this decision is that your pet receives continued care from someone in a home setting while you are away. Being in a home setting is far less traumatic for a dog or cat than going into boarding kennels. Kennels can leave a pet feeling frightened and lonely, with many other strange animals and people in close proximity. Many pets can take weeks to overcome the experience of boarding in a cold and noisy environment. Far better to have your pet stay somewhere they will feel warm and comfortable. There can be other animals for them to interact with, but because it is in a relaxed home environment, animals are far more likely to cope with the stress than if they are left in a kennel that feels like a prison cell.

If you do decide to use home boarding for your pet, you need to ensure you find the best available. It is a good idea to go and inspect any possible home boarding service before you choose to use them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as, will my pet be fed at regular times, will my dog be exercised. Make sure their home looks well-appointed and that any pets they own are in good health. If you have any feelings of concern it is probably not worth the risk, so look elsewhere.

You pet is reliant on you and the care you give them, if you own a pet or are thinking of owning one remember, they see you as their family so treat them like they are part of yours.

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